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Website and playable demo
On the index page you can now also login as a guest user and really play the game! You have still the option to see the old self-running demo where you can only move the camera.

The new item "Info" was added with a description of the game.

Also added was the item "Screenshots".
The server lacked a features to see statistics e.g. for users over time. This is now implemented. The first statistics data which is collected is the user count and the count of move requests. In the image below you just see a randomly generated test entry.

Open demo server coming soon
The server runs now on 64 bit which was essentially because memory consumption is still somewhat high. In order to release an open demo server without risking running out server memory I also implemented selecting zones on state service app (the gui tool for the server). If you click a point outside zones you get a red cross and no path is computed. There is also another aspect this is important at the moment: I want to gradually work on the environment, building etc. and don't want to have players in areas which aren't "ready".

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